What is 3J’s Nutrition Network:

3J’s Nutrition Network is a company dedicated to the most effective avenues of knowledge that can be applied in the pursuit of nutritional counseling. With the application of such knowledge through cutting edge research and ever-the-wise experience, the network aids eager clients who want to get the most out of their efforts in reaching their certain goals.

Why do i Need Nutritional Couseling:

Simply put 80% of success with your set goals will come from your diet!!!!.

Dieting is the fundamental factor to gaining satisfactory results in the efforts put forth.  You could spend hours a day in the gym lifting weights and doing cardio.  If your diet is not on par you will not see the results your looking for.

A man who wants to lose weight cannot just go to the gym and do some cardio expecting results when their diet is terrible.  Thats where the saying “You cannot out train a bad diet” comes from.

Its really simple physics. A body cannot gain mass without the addition of mass past what is necessary to sustain itself.

A body cannot lose mass without giving it less mass then what is necessary to sustain itself.

3J delivers a detailed meal plan to make it easy for the client to reach their goals by what would otherwise be a very complex balancing act of macro and micro nutrients.  This knowledge surpasses any fad diets that promise unrealistic results.  3J’s philosophy is that dieting correctly is a lifestyle.

3J’s personalized meal plans and progressive nutritional coaching will help you gain optimal results towards your personal goals.  Under 3J’s supervision every rep, every set, every exercise, and every minute spent on cardio will collaborate with your diet so that the most can be achieved from your workouts.


What we do for you:

When you become a client for 3J’s services a questionnaire is sent out to you that must be answered and returned.  Within this questionnaire are questions that allow 3J to analyse your current lifestyle and the amount of daily activity it entails.

Questions about your workout routine, split, and cardio will be asked so that optimization can be applied if necessary.  Furthermore, a comprehensive look into the level of activity that you experience on a daily basis will be necessary.  A person who sits behind a desk at an office job all day will not burn the same amount of calories as  person who has to move heavy boxes all day.

We do not follow a cookie cutter approach to our meal plans.  Every meal plan is custom built to specifically fit the needs of every individual client.  With the help of the questionnaire, 3J can create a custom plan specifically for you.


Progressive Nutritional Coaching:

Many nutritional companies will give you a set meal plan and send you out on your merry way. They dont care to do something called MICROCALIBRATION. It is a true statistical law that no one human body works EXACTLY the same way and reacts EXACTLY the same way as another. There are a great deal of genetic and environmental factors that play a role in either hindering or helping you reach your goals. Someone may have been eating 2 meals a day for the last year. He cant just be put on a 6 meal a day program and sent on his way. We would have to follow him, watch his progress, and make tweaks in his diet to safely and optimally move him into a 6 meal a day plan.  The progressive nutritional coaching is there to compensate for these possible variations from client to client. Some may have extremely slow metabolisms that need speeding up and cannot be done without following them for a number of weeks. Some may have a super fast metabolism and need more calories then what the “standard” approach for someone their weight and body fat is. This progressive coaching deals with those possible problems

The minimum amount of nutritional progressive coaching that any of my clients receive is 5 weeks so that we know the diet is working out well for them. The variation in weeks of coaching, based upon packages, are all explained in the packages link at the top of this website.

The Interaction between 3J and his clients happens through e-mail.  Responses times are very quick within the hours of operation.  You will never have to wait days and feel like you have been forgotten about with 3J’s Progressive Nutritional Coaching



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